The Catholic and Christian churches everywhere in the world will now be filled to its brim again. The churches will be providing extra chairs for people to sit on. Those who attend church only on Christmas and Easter will surely be present in every Christian community this time. Be the first to always reach out and welcome them warmly and NEVER the first to judge them. There is celebration everywhere now. Christ has risen from the dead and freed us from the bondage of sin and death. Easter comes with lots of happy and wonderful feelings. It is a time to catch up with families and relations and celebrate wonderful dinners and meals with them. Many things have been said about our faith, mercy, compassion, forgiveness and love of the neighbour during the Lenten period. This is a good time to put them into practice.

As you celebrate with your friends and families, keep in mind that there are those who don’t have anyone to celebrate with. Yet also, there are those who don’t have anything to eat and no one to talk to. Many people are so lonely in our community today. Perhaps, sharing your joy with them will go a long way to radiate smiles and happiness in their life again. Find time to show compassion especially to the needy and hungry. You may not know how much you have been blest until you go out in the streets and reach out to our less privileged brothers and sister. Don’t think your effort will be too little. You never know how much it can go in saving a life. My experience on the streets on Easter 2013 left me in tears. Sometimes we may be so much blessed and comfortable that we don’t remember to extend our hands to those forsaken by the society.

For the young people, the Youth and young adults, you can use this Easter time to make healthy resolutions about your faith, your life in general and make a promise to God that you want a positive change in your life especially in those areas that you want to improve. Make decisions today to resurrect with Christ from the tomb of death and leave behind in that tomb all ungodly habits, inclinations and unhealthy addictions that humiliate our godly energies. You are very precious to God and that is why we are celebrating the gift of Christ now. Don’t allow anything to make you sad this moment and show love and kindness to your mates. Be a symbol of happiness. Be natural.

More importantly, make this Easter a time to forgive and let go. There may be someone you can’t just stand, and have not spoken to him or her for many years now due to one reason or the other. It can sometimes be difficult to forgive but just try. You will be surprised by how much relief and peace of mind you’ll get each time you forgive those who have caused you grief. You can do it. Perhaps, you can also use this Easter time to knock on the door of your closest neighbour who you haven’t spoken to before and maybe invite them for a meal. God resides in the midst of these little gestures. You must not talk about God to tell someone about God. Allow people to see the resurrected Christ through your life. Your life this Easter can be the easiest Gospel anyone can read and meditate on. Be happy for it is only when you are happy that you can offer happiness to those around you. And may the peace of the risen Christ be with you all as we continue to radiate the love of the risen Christ. Keep smiling!!!
Remain blessed,

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